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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sign Up for a Study Carrel in Widener:


Step 1: Apply for an account and log on to Inscriptio

·        To apply for a carrel user account, click on the following link to submit an application form:

·        If you already have an account, navigate to Inscriptio at to log in with your email and password.

Step 2: Browse available carrels

·        After you log in, first, select the general library area, Widener or Pusey, where you would like to be. At any time, you can click Libraries (home) on the red User Options bar to return to the main page and start over.

  • To view a floor map with available carrels, you can click directly on a link to a particular stacks level, or click on a specific subject area for a link to the floor closest to those materials.

·         On the floor map diagram, carrels are shown as red or green squares

·         Navigate by floor, subject area, or carrel number using the expandable menus on the left.

·         See details about each carrel, including how many available slots it has and whether you are eligible to apply, by clicking directly on its box, or by selecting the Assets menu on the left and then selecting a carrel.

Step 3: Apply for a carrel

·         Click on the green icon for the carrel you are interested in. If you are eligible to apply for it, its detail screen will include a "Reserve this Asset" link at the bottom. Click on the link to start an application.

Note: Some carrels shown as green/available may not allow you to reserve them. This happens for a number of reasons, including your user status or pending reservations by other users. Please try another space or ask Widener Privileges staff (see below) for assistance.

·         On the main application screen, fill in the necessary information:

ü  Start Date and End Date: Date range you expect to use the space. You must apply for a term of no more than 540 days (it is possible to renew carrels). When you click on the date fields, the calendar will offer appropriate date ranges.

ü  User: That’s you!

ü  Terms of Service: Click on the web link to read the full terms of Widener’s carrel policy. You must click Yes to confirm that you agree to the terms of service.

·         Click on the Create Reservation button (which appears when you agree to the terms of service) to submit your application. If all your information is complete and correct, you should receive an immediate confirmation. You will receive an email once your reservation has been approved.

Step 4: Manage your existing carrel

After you are assigned a carrel, you can log on to Inscriptio at any time to check on its status, communicate with other users who share your carrel, or cancel or renew your carrel assignment.

Canceling, editing, and renewing your carrel:

·         After logging in, click on the My Reservation link on the red User Options bar to see your carrel assignment.

·         To cancel your carrel assignment at any time, click the Delete link under the Reservation ID. The cancellation takes effect immediately.

·         If you would like to move to a different carrel, simply cancel your current assignment and email for approval. Once the cancellation has been approved, you can create a new one from scratch.

·         If you are within two weeks of your expiration date, you have the option to renew your existing carrel. Look for the Renew link near the top of the screen, underneath the Reservation ID. You will be taken to a screen where you can enter a new date range to extend your assignment and confirm your agreement with the terms of service. Once you click Yes, you can submit your renewal by clicking on the Create Reservation button.

Communicating with other users of your carrel:

Most carrels are shared with up to three other users at a time. Each carrel has a bulletin board in Inscriptio that you can use to communicate with your fellow occupants.

·         Click on My Reservation on the red User Options bar, and then click on the Access Board link at the bottom of the page, just under the Bulletin Board heading.

·         Create a new post by clicking on New Post. Your message will be sent via email to the other users of the carrel. It will also remain available on Inscriptio for one day.

Still have questions? Need help? Contact Widener Privileges:

Widener Library Room 130, 617-495-4166,